As the common riding season draws to a close here are images from Lauders big day mixed weather was weather misty first thing the sun came out
Images from the Thursday night Rideout taken as the riders head up past the golf course
Images from the under 18 and under 20s games
Images from the fancy dress and around the town on the Saturday of the Earlston civic week
Images of the riders heading up Scotts street also some from the homage at the war memorial
Images from the braw lads day of the cavalcade crossing the river Tweed for the first time on Saturday morning
Images from the Melrose Rideout part of the Melrose festival week 2019 pl feel free to contact me with any questions you may have
Images from the SCR of 2019 congratulations to Royal Burgh Standard Bearer Craig Monks to the royal burgh attendants and our worthy Provost Keith Millar on a job well done
Mosspaul rideout on Tuesday 28/5/19 part of the lead up to Hawick common riding in June Mosspaul is one if the longest rides and the riders who completed it are entitled to wear the moss-troopers badge
Images from the spurs night 2019 when the principles and supporters arrived at the burgh chambers in Galashiels